Health Tips for Old Age – Help in Fighting Decay

As you grow older, the metabolism and the power to resist diseases in your body get more disturbed. As old age comes, you get less active and the way of life becomes sedentary. However, through proper food and with slight exercise can make your living better and keep you fit enough. Here are some health tips for old age.o Since in old age, you can not digest or tolerate every food but your energy requirement does not decrease, you need to decrease the quantity of food but in way that adequate amounts of all nutrients remain intact. Hence carbohydrates, fats, protein and vitamins need to be accordingly increased or decreased to provide the required energy and food.o Fat intake in your body should be reduced or increased as per your body weight is concerned. Protein and iron are to remain intact as they were before. Extra calcium is very much important for the old age since it helps you getting strength in your bones.o Raised blood pressure is a very common problem in old age due to diminished renal function. To combat this, you need to take less, in fact go for a restricted fat and salt intake.o Another big problem of old age is the diabetes. It occurs to the impaired ability of the elderly to utilize the carbohydrates because of the decreased sensitivity of cells to insulin. The remedy of this lies with the use of low carbohydrates, especially glucose which is often recommended by the physicians.o There is one more thing that is really serious is smoking. Stop puffing to avoid extra wrinkles and maintain the elasticity of your skin. Avoid it more because it is a major cause of heart diseases more often related to old age.o Exercise regularly to keep your self fit. Regular weight bearing exercises restrict weight changes. Initially exercise for two minutes and then, gradually increase the duration. Warm up is one must activity you have to do before the exercise. Also make sure you consult your physician before starting your exercise plan.